Taking a Stand for Real Food

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For over a century, Tillamook has been making high quality, award-winning cheese and dairy products. As an independent cooperative with nearly 100 farmer families, they are guided by farmer values centered on producing dairy products the natural, honest way.

Partnering with Tillamook, we created a website for people to be part of this commitment to real food through meaningful storytelling, useful content, and new ways to engage with the brand.

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A Site That’s Intelligent

Tillamook makes award-winning cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream, and butter products. We wanted to make sure the homepage had flexibility to feature different products in different cities, so we built a contextual engine to detect the visitor’s location, time of day, day of week, and weather to intelligently display content that shows how Tillamook fits into your life.

A person in Texas, where Greek yogurt is not yet available, would see a product feature for cheddar cheese and a call-out for the Loaf Love Tour that’s coming to town. Someone in the Northwest, on the other hand, would see a feature for Greek yogurt and the Cheese Factory, which is a short drive away.

Location: Texas

Location: Portland

On a hot and sunny day, visitors would see a dynamic message suggesting some cold Tillamook ice cream. When the weather is cold and rainy, a message for yummy cheese would appear instead.

Weather: Hot

Weather: Rainy

Quality Over Quantity

Bucking the trend of amassing a large inventory of recipes people might not even use, we focused on quality over quantity. Tillamook is a favorite of chefs from some of most sought-after restaurants, so we asked those chefs to share their best Tillamook recipes. Starting with 30 recipes from three chefs in three cities, Tillamook Kitchen gave people the recipes to make top-selling dishes from popular restaurants, and quickly became the most popular area of the website.

Where to Buy

Everyone has a favorite cheese or yogurt, and sometimes you just need to have some Udderly Chocolate ice cream. We wanted the website to be able to help people find the stores that have the exact Tillamook item they’re looking for, so we integrated retail store scan data into the Where to Buy section of the website. Visitors can select a product by name or category to see which stores nearby have it in stock, or see all the Tillamook products that a store carries. For mobile users on the go, the website automatically displays the closest stores where they can find Tillamook.

Dairy Done Right

The Tillamook way puts quality over profit, natural over artificial. Taking a stand for real food, we created Dairy Done Right, a section of the website to educate people on core Tillamook values, from sourcing local, high quality berries to aging cheese with time instead of shortcuts, and using milk not treated with artificial growth hormones. Integrating looping videos and animations, the interactive experience invites everyone to unite in defense of real, honest food.

Join the Co-Op

To activate the Dairy Done Right campaign, we created the Tillamook Co-Op, an online community for people to come together and support real food everywhere. Members get insider access to Tillamook, from naming a real cow from the farms to voting to influence future product offerings to asking a farmer their questions. Co-Op members can also choose and support real food projects to be funded by Tillamook through Kiva Zip. A first-of-its-kind community in the industry, the Tillamook Co-Op and its website is always evolving—we take feedback from members to create more relevant content and experiences.

Being part of the Tillamook Co-Op has surprising perks too. Members might receive invitations to attend private meals at local restaurants with fellow members. We also invited the most active users to the Annual Members Meeting at Tillamook, where people from all over the country gathered to hear the latest from Tillamook, attend cheese-making workshops, and taste real food dishes while learning from the chefs who make them.

With the new website, we provided ways for Tillamook to be more relevant and useful to consumers—overall engagement increased by 50%, and the use of Where to Buy doubled. The Co-Op fostered a community with over 86,000 members and has held 300+ events for members in 13 cities.