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An award-winning dairy co-op from the west coast of Oregon, Tillamook’s farmer-owners have been steadfastly making the tastiest, highest quality dairy products for generations.

Seeking to bring more value to Tillamook’s consumers, we created Tillamook Kitchen to give people one-of-a-kind, covetable recipes from sought-after chefs.

Chefs Choose Tillamook

Tillamook’s uncompromising standards make them the choice of discerning chefs from some of the busiest restaurants across the country. We asked these chefs to share the best recipes from their menus that use Tillamook—dishes that people crave and willingly line up to have—and put them into Tillamook Kitchen.

Matt Breslow believes that the grilled cheese is the perfect comfort food, so he started the Grilled Cheese Grill in 2009. Take your pick of dining in a school bus or a double-decker. When he's not manning the grill, he can be found hanging out with his beloved dog, Morton.

Pine State Biscuits was started by three North Carolina chefs–Kevin Atchley, Walt Alexander, and Brian Snyder who had relocated to Portland. Craving down home cooking from their childhood, they went on a quest to make the perfect, buttery, flaky, homemade biscuit.

Focusing on quality over quantity, we found chefs who took pride in using Tillamook—Heidi Gibson, seven-time winner of the Grilled Cheese Invitational, of the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco; Tommy Habetz of Bunk Bar in Portland; and Dave Danhi of the Grilled Cheese Truck in Los Angeles. Collaborating with each chef, we directed video recipes, captured short profile films, and shot photography of each recipe.

Tillamook Time

We observed that people tended to look for recipes when they were thinking about and planning for their next meal, so we created Tillamook Time for the website to dynamically serve up the most appropriate recipes based on time of day, corresponding to what people were most likely in the mood for. People who visited in the morning would see breakfast recipes, while someone visiting in the evening would see dinner recipes.

A Recipe for Every Meal

We launched Tillamook Kitchen with 30 recipes from three chefs. It proved to be an instant success, quickly becoming the #1 visited area of the website. Soon chefs were asking how they could be part of Tillamook Kitchen. By year three, we had celebrity chefs like Keegan Gerhard of Food Network Challenge and Top Chef Season 5 Winner Hosea Rosenberg sharing their recipes on Tillamook Kitchen. Today we have over 100 recipes from 16 chefs in 11 restaurants across the country. The popularity of the recipes has made Haven Gastropub’s “White Cheddar & Bacon Mac n’ Cheese” recipe the #1 organic search result on Google.