A Swimming Pioneer

Speedo Logo

Speedo’s 89-year heritage is rooted in innovation, from inventing the world’s first non-wool, Racerback swimsuit to creating the Fastskin suit inspired by shark skin. They are focused on bringing performance, comfort, and style to all who enter the water.

We aimed to evolve Speedo’s website from a transaction-driven shopping site to a brand destination that integrates storytelling on a new, enterprise-level ecommerce platform.

Innovation Revealed

With close collaboration with Olympic swimmers and world-class coaches and R&D from their secret facility Aqualab, Speedo is constantly introducing new innovation in swim gear. We saw the opportunity to showcase the technology and design behind these technical advances, so we created an Innovation section to bring the stories to life and reinforce Speedo as a premium brand with the most advanced swim gear available.

Through working sessions with Speedo’s R&D leads and reviews of their research material, we translated the technology in their product innovations into a visual and interactive experience. Users can learn about Speedo’s Endurance+ fabric and how it retains fit and color twice as long in chlorinated water, and use a dynamic calculator to see how long an Endurance+ suit would last based on how frequently they swim.

We found that every product had a unique story of its own, whether it’s breakthrough compression technology that reduce drag or bio-mimic design that increase efficiency. For the launch of Speedo Nemesis Fins, we created technical illustrations to show how the Humpback Whale-inspired design create even channels of fast moving water to give swimmers greater propulsion. By incorporating video and animations, we showcased Nemesis in action.

Meet Team Speedo

We designed the website to be a place for people to connect with and draw inspiration from Speedo’s Olympic swimmers. We met with each Speedo athlete across the country—including Nathan Adrian, Maya DiRado, Conor Dwyer, and Elizabeth Beisel—to shoot photography and films to uncover their personal stories. The Team Speedo section included in-depth profile pages of all the athletes that incorporated films, photos, detailed interview, social media feeds, even music playlists for people to learn about and follow their favorite Speedo swimmer.

Gear for Every Need

In addition to storytelling, we designed a more functional and efficient shopping experience to give shoppers more control. By exposing product innovations and design features as part of the dynamic filters, we made it easier for people to see the options they have and quickly drill down based on the activity, benefits, styles, or fabric they’re interested in.

We also designed an interactive lookbook that users can shop by quickly scrolling using the arrow keys to highlight full-screen lifestyle photography.