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Speedo is always seeking to improve their swimwear, training gear, and accessories to advance the sport of swimming. Swimmers of all levels prefer Speedo products for their premium quality, technology innovation, and design details that are attuned to a swimmer’s needs.

To expose more people to Speedo’s product range and drive sales during the holiday season, we created a campaign, website, and short film to promote one of Speedo’s top-selling products.

Surprises for Cyber Monday

To stand out during the biggest sales period of the year, we sought to add some excitement and delight into the shopping experience. We created the Lucky Pack campaign, where anyone who bought Speedo’s top-selling Pro Backpack during the Black Friday through Cyber Monday holiday period had the chance to win big. The Pro Backpack would be filled with surprise Speedo gear, which could be a free pair of goggles, a gift card, up to $500 worth of goods, or anything in between—the fun part was not knowing what you would get. We directed a stop motion style short film to introduce and invite people to be part of Lucky Pack.

We created an interactive website to showcase the prizes that could be inside a Lucky Pack as well as feature the popular Pro Backpack, which was a favorite of swimmers. We photographed and featured over 100 of Speedo’s most popular competition, fitness, and recreation products on the website. Mouse over a product—from the Hydrosity Mirrored Goggles that reduce glare and increase style to the Pull Kick that works double duty as a kick board and a pull buoy—to learn about its special features and click to buy on the Speedo store. To see more prizes, just click on the Pro Back to see it in another color, while new Speedo products appear for more discovery.

Favorite of Olympians

We invited the Speedo athletes to be part of the Lucky Pack launch, where they posted pictures of how they used their Pro Backpacks on social media—from Jessica Hardy, Tyler Clary, Brendan Hansen, and Summer Sanders. Fans responded with their own posts celebrating their love for the Pro Backpack, using the #LuckyPack hashtag to promote the campaign.

Through Lucky Pack, Speedo sold 2.5 times as many Pro Backpacks as the previous year. Users who went to the Lucky Pack website had 4 times higher sales conversion on the Speedo online store, which drove up sales during the Black Friday period. After the promotion, the Lucky Pack website served as a holiday gift guide for people to shop for the swimmers in their life.