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Make Every Swim Count

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World-leading swimwear brand Speedo is the choice of competitive swimmers at all levels, from the Olympics to local swim teams and clubs. We saw the opportunity for Speedo to apply their deep knowledge to fitness swimming and build relationships with an audience that is 10 times bigger than performance consumers.

In partnership with Speedo International and Speedo USA, we created Speedo’s first global platform for fitness swimmers that included an app, a website, a wearable, and branded content to help people get the most out of their swim.

Get Challenged. Get Fit.

Through research, we found that fitness swimmers craved guidance to improve, whether it was perfecting their stroke, making workouts more efficient, or achieving a specific goal. We designed the Speedo Fit app to be the fitness training guide for fitness swimmers, allowing them to set and track goals, find nearby pools, join virtual challenges, and connect with a community of swimmers.

Technique is an incredibly important part of swimming, so we curated a series of videos demonstrated by Olympic athletes along with articles to show the nuances of how to swim more efficiently. We also curated gear sets for fitness swimmers of all kinds to enhance their workouts, from outdoor swimming to triathlon training, from a starter kit to wet+dry fitness.

Speedo Fit launched globally, and was available in key markets including USA, UK, France, and China. We exceeded user retention goals by 30%, but more importantly, established ongoing relationships with fitness swimmers.

Waterproof Wearable

We saw an opportunity to create one of the first fitness swim trackers by bringing together Misfit, a leading wearable brand, and Speedo. Combining Speedo Aqualab’s research with Misfit’s Shine fitness tracker, the Speedo Shine tracks swim distance with industry-leading accuracy, counts laps, and counts down a set swim time. Now swimmers can focus on their stroke and workouts and have Speedo Shine track their activities toward their daily goal, in and out of the water.

The Speedo Shine became a top seller on SpeedoUSA.com, and was sold in Apple and Best Buy stores, giving Speedo new retail presence.

A Swim Coach for Everyone

We were able to engage with our users more closely and learn from data, leading to the insight that fitness swimmers wanted workouts to challenge them and meet specific goals. We collaborated with Speedo’s Olympic coaches to develop over 200 workouts and created Swim Coach—a dynamic tool that gave swimmers custom workouts based on their goal, level, and duration.

Swim Coach launched in the Speedo Fit app and on the website so anyone could access the workouts on their phone, tablet, or desktop. Mirroring swimmers’ practice of bringing written workouts to the pool lanes, Swim Coach workouts were designed to be printed for easy access.

We also collaborated with Lifeproof to do a giveaway of waterproof cases so swimmers could protect their phones from the water. Swim Coach became the most popular area of Speedo Fit within six weeks after launch, proving Speedo could help fitness swimmers get more out of their workouts.

Jumpstart Your Fitness Resolution

Knowing that getting in shape is the #1 New Year’s resolution, we worked closely with Olympic medalist Summer Sanders to design Summer’s Winter Challenge, a 4-week workout plan that people could join via email, the Speedo Fit app, or the website. The program made it easy to stick to your resolution by delivering workouts directly into your inbox.

Those who completed the challenge received a limited-edition, custom designed patch. The challenge was twice as popular as previous Speedo Fit challenges and engaged more people to use the app on a regular basis.