A First in Prestige Beauty

Prescriptives Logo

When Prescriptives, known for their precise, individualized skincare and makeup, was pulled from retail counters, an outpouring from fans worldwide made it clear they couldn’t live without their favorite beauty line. We partnered with Estée Lauder to bring Prescriptives back as their first digital-only prestige brand with a digital strategy, branding, website, and campaigns.

Px Passionistas

The loyalty of over 180,000 customers was what brought Prescriptives back, so we relaunched the brand to bring to life the devotion of these real passionistas. Real customers became the models and voices for Prescriptives—we art directed model photography and collaborated with Estée Lauder to shoot films including testimonials and how-tos.

The relaunched Prescriptives brought back a curated selection of the most loved products, sold exclusively on the website. We also art directed product photography to showcase these hero skincare and makeup items. .

The Perfect Match

Prescriptives was known for their foundations and Custom Blend colors that matched a person’s skin tone for a very natural finish. We designed the website to help users find their perfect shade. Working closely with Prescriptives’ product team, we developed the Shade Finder, which determined your skin’s tone and shade and provided product recommendations in a few short steps. The site also showcased All Time Fave products as well as the passionista stories. Quotes, profiles, and testimonial videos expressed the real love passionistas had for their favorite Prescriptives products.

Custom Blend Online

We also set out to make Prescriptives’ unique Custom Blend available digitally. Traditionally, customers worked with a Prescriptives Beauty Genius, who created a custom foundation and recipe, in person. By learning from the most experienced Beauty Geniuses, we were able to leverage their skills to Custom Blend through video chat. Simply send a selfie and have a video session with a Beauty Genius to get a personal Custom Blend recipe and a just-right-for-you foundation delivered to you.

Prescriptives x 2

The new digital-only Prescriptives wasn’t just about satisfying existing fans, it was also to bring in new customers. We asked passionistas to share Prescriptives with their best friend by trying the top-selling Super Line Preventor Xtreme together. We directed a series of short films to capture the experience. The campaign included a social media contest and special offer for consumers who shared their favorite product with friends.