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When you think of the most innovative, bustling, scientifically advanced places in the world, Pasadena might not be what comes to mind... but it should be. Home to some of the brightest scientists and most forward-thinking organizations in the world including NASA JPL, Caltech, Art Center College of Design, and Innovate Pasadena, this is where great minds meet.

Pasadena approached us to help them promote the town as a leader in innovation, and we thought there would be no one better than Bill Nye, CEO of the Pasadena-based Planetary Society, to help us get the word out. We went deep into the world of science and innovation in Pasadena, capturing footage at the Robotics Lab at CalTech, the Hooker Telescope at Mt. Wilson, Caltech’s Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, and the Planetary Society. Paired with archival footage from some of NASA JPL’s most adventurous expeditions like the Curiosity Rover landing on Mars, mission control at JPL upon the successful completion of Cassini’s Saturn orbit insertion engine burn, and the rover team in the Mars Yard at JPL, we created a video that truly encapsulates the cutting edge environment that Pasadena fosters.