The Magic of Presence

Oculus Logo

By immersing your senses in Oculus virtual reality, you can experience the impossible—whether that’s traveling through time, fighting aliens in space, or simply hanging out with friends on the other side of the world.

We partnered with the Oculus team to launch a website that introduced to the world the Rift and Touch products while spotlighting the Gear VR. Our challenge was to explain VR to people since it was a new technology that would need to be experienced to truly believe.

Unlike Anything

We gave consumers their first glance of the Oculus Rift and Touch with striking photography of people using the products while showcasing interactive content they could immerse themselves in. Ecommerce was built into the site to accept pre-orders as there was a lot of interest and demand around the products.

VR on the Go

With the Samsung Gear VR, we showed how this Oculus-powered headset required only a Galaxy smartphone to experience anything, anywhere. The website drove sales for the Gear VR, making it possible for more people to experience virtual reality.

We directed a short social film for the Samsung Gear VR that captured the reactions of people trying virtual reality for the first time. Since we couldn’t replicate a true VR experience online, we created the film to intrigue people to want to try it for themselves.

Creating the Future

Part of the launch strategy was to foster a new professional community of content-makers for VR. We launched the site with a section called Creators where producers and storytellers could find out more about how to create new virtual reality worlds. The section showcased and profiled the latest VR experiences available on Oculus and offered creative professionals a forum to connect.