Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

Storytelling as Art

George Nelson Foundation Logo

George Lucas believes in the power of storytelling, which is proven by his films like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and American Graffiti that have become part of our cultural experience. Having collected narrative art his entire life, Lucas’ belief in the power of an image to capture our humanity and convey emotion is at the heart of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

With a diverse collection that includes works from Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, Edgar Degas, Andy Warhol, Pixar Animation, and the cinema, the Museum’s goal is to show that all visual art forms can be meaningful, and tell stories from many places and times. We designed the Museum’s branding and website to explain Lucas’ vision, preview the collection, and announce the Museum location.

Beyond Star Wars

In developing a brand identity and visual language for the Museum, we set out to educate people about what narrative art means and showcase the breadth of the collection that connects a familiar Norman Rockwell illustration to a 21st-century digital animation to set design from The Empire Strikes Back. Using a simple palette and typography, the branding lets the art from the collection speak for itself while lending versatility to use across mediums.

A Platform for Inspiration

The Lucas Museum needed a website to show what the museum would be like and provide education, discovery, and inspiration. Working closely with George Lucas and his team, we designed and launched a responsive website to announce the Museum, its collection, and design architecture. The website showcases the museum design by award-winning MAD Architects and explains what narrative art is with essays and articles from curators and scholars. We provided a platform for the Lucas Museum to challenge what people think about museums and art with its diverse, yet focused collection that includes narrative art, the art of cinema, and digital art.

With such a wide range of mediums including narrative painting, illustration, photography, film, animation, and digital art, the website uses a flexible layout to display each piece of art in large format consistently across devices to maximize impact.

“The whole point of this museum is to stimulate the imagination…to open eyes to the possibilities of creating art.”

— George Lucas

The website provides the latest news for the media and the public, all the while updating with new pieces to the collection. The Museum and website have been featured across news, technology, fashion, and cultural publications including The Atlantic, Washington Post, The Guardian, Vogue Magazine, and Gizmodo.