The Huntington Library, Art Museum, & Botanical Gardens

Make It Yours

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Founded in 1919, The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA encompasses a historical library, an extensive art collection, and about 120 acres of botanical gardens.

In honor of its 100th birthday, the beloved institution launched a yearlong series of exhibitions and events celebrating its impact. To kick off the festivities, we directed a film highlighting the diverse, one-of-a-kind experiences that can be found at The Huntington.

Infinite Dualities

What makes The Huntington an extraordinary place is that there is truly something for everyone. We created a film that highlights the infinite dualities that visitors can discover there, by juxtaposing different sensory experiences The Huntington offers—like the sharp needles of a cactus in the Desert Garden contrasted with a smooth stone sculpture in the European Art Gallery, or the solace of the secluded Lily Pond contrasted with the buzz of a DJ set on the Gallery Lawn.

Experience Omnivores

We came up with the concept “Make it Yours,” as everyone’s experience at The Huntington is different. We identified the ideal audience for The Huntington as “experience omnivores”—those who are hungry for every kind of experience available to them. Throughout the different sights, sounds, and textures that make The Huntington special, we weave the story that regardless of who you are, your age, or where you come from, The Huntington invites you to curate your own experience.

East Meets West

The Huntington opened the Chinese Garden in 2008, and expanded it from 3.5 acres to 15 acres in 2020, creating one of the largest classical-style Chinese gardens outside of China. To celebrate the highly-anticipated opening of the newly expanded Liu Fang Yuan 流芳園, or the Garden of Flowing Fragrance, we directed a film to showcase the winding pathways, intricate courtyards, miniature potted landscapes, and a stargazing tower. The film also showcased craftsmanship of the more than 50 Chinese artisans who carried out specialized carpentry, masonry, and tile work.