Herman Miller Hilda Stories

A Look Back at Mid-century Design

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From her 21 years spent in George Nelson’s atelier to her influential career at Herman Miller, Hilda Longinotti shared her experiences at speaking engagements around the country.

Recognizing an opportunity to fuse an element of personal storytelling with the design heritage of Herman Miller, we created a series of films for WHY Magazine that celebrate the colorful and charismatic Hilda.

Animated Anecdotes

We shot and produced interview footage with Hilda to craft each story’s narrative, collaborating with illustrator Damien Florébert Cuypers to help bring the tales to life through animation. Each story offers a look back at Hilda’s time spent at the Nelson Office, capturing the essence of the center of creativity that was home to countless talented designers.

“The Receptionist” is the tale of Hilda’s journey to becoming the first receptionist in the George Nelson Office. From the anecdotes of how the designers created a reception space with her in mind to touting her ability to type 100 words per minute on a manual typewriter, Hilda takes us back to where she started.

When George Nelson was out of the office, the staff had a little bit of fun. “Bon Voyage, George!” gives viewers a fun look at the antics of office life in the 1950s.

When an icon from the art world meets with an icon from the design world, there’s bound to be a great story—especially when it involves early work by the famed Andy Warhol. “The Case of the Missing Warhols” gives us that.

“The Woman on the Marshmallow Sofa” gives viewers insight into how the iconic Marshmallow Sofa was created from the very woman who was famously photographed on it.

The Hilda Stories pulled back the curtain to showcase one of the most influential offices in the world of design, bringing to life an exciting time in history that continues to inspire and influence today.