Herman Miller Eames: The Architect and the Painter

40 Years of Iconic Design

Herman Miller Logo

The innovative minds of Charles and Ray Eames and all who worked at the Eames Office are known around the world for an expansive body of work that spans the design of products, architecture, and exhibitions.

Amidst the Eameses’ endeavors is their work with Herman Miller, resulting in many pieces of furniture that showcase their level of ingenuity and excellence.

With the release of “Eames: The Architect and the Painter,” a documentary film that illustrates the work and lives of the Eameses, we created a web experience to offer a view into the close relationship between Herman Miller and Eames in making some of the most iconic pieces of furniture that are still highly coveted today.

A Scroll Through Time

The website told the extended Eames story with an interactive visual timeline showcasing the products they created with Herman Miller.

From the debut of the Molded Plywood Chair in 1945 to the release of the legendary Eames Lounge Chair, we took users through decades of creative problem solving, illuminating the inherent evolution of products and the thought process behind design, form, color, and material.

Layered with quotes, video footage, archival photographs, and insights into the Eameses overall design philosophy, the timeline gave users the chance to experience the remarkable contributions of the Eameses and get a deeper look at the designers who changed the world of design as we know it.