Skin Health Redefined

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Available in over 80 countries around the globe, Dermalogica is founded on the belief in achieving skin health as opposed to “beauty.” They are the #1 choice of skin care professionals worldwide who use the products in their treatment rooms every day because they deliver results.

We partnered with Dermalogica to design a new website, integrating global ecommerce with an education-focused approach to skincare.

More Than Skin Deep

For Dermalogica, achieving skin health is just like taking care of your physical health. You need to have knowledge of how the skin works and have a proper regimen to achieve your goals. And you get real results that last when you work with an educated professional. We designed the website to provide the same level of commitment to education and professional guidance that Dermalogica was founded on. In addition to a library of articles spanning topics from skin aging to acne to treatments, the website also shares the science and research behind the products, and includes tips and videos from Dermalogica researchers and educators.

Speed Mapping

Dermalogica’s highly-trained skin therapists use a unique technique called Face Mapping to touch and examine a person’s skin and design a targeted skincare regimen. To help visitors quickly discover products that address their concerns, we simplified Face Mapping to create the Speed Mapping skin analysis, which quickly guides users to a set of recommended products along with skin tips, with the ability to buy with one click.

Around the World

Moving to an enterprise ecommerce platform, we were able to provide a new website to grow Dermalogica’s online sales and scale by quickly setting up and launching subsidiary sites for regions around the world. The new ecommerce platform has been deployed in Australia, Canada, and continues to roll out in additional major markets.

Visitors also have access to real professional skin therapists through chat and the Q&A on product pages. These Dermalogica-trained professionals can recommend products, suggest a regimen, and offer additional education for anyone desiring guidance, or just wanting to learn more.

Just like working with a trainer for physical health, a skincare professional can diagnose and give you a specific plan to effectively improve your skin’s health over time.