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Welcome to the media page for Herman Miller Why Design. Here, you can download photos and videos. Please note that these assets are copyright of Herman Miller and you are licensed to use them solely for promotional purposes on the web.

Herman Miller Why Design Trailer

Yves Béhar
"Surfing is like improvisational jazz"

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Don Chadwick
"The camera becomes an extension of your eyes"

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Ayse Birsel
"Your life is your most important project"

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Irving Harper
"Paper is a versatile medium"

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Gianfranco Zaccai
"Great food should be like great design"

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Studio 7.5
"Design by nature is collaborative"

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Steve Frykholm
"It's the breaks that allow my mind to refresh"

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Sam Hecht + Kim Colin
"We need tension and contrast to be able to create"

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